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Hello and welcome to

So a while back Páraic and I were discussing politics, wine and French cinema over Skype and figured it would be a fun endeavour to start up a new film website. We’re both pretty opinionated and between us have seen enough films to put together something worthwhile that may be enlightening and interesting to about seven people dotted across the globe.

I’ve been keeping a sporadically updated blog, since spring 2010 and my inbox has been the benefactor of Páraic’s film reviews in capsule form since I moved to Canada last summer. So we can both form basic sentences so it’s a start. We saw one film, The Guard, while I was home last July and had wildly different opinions (P was not a fan), so it bodes well for the future.

While I’ve been the one unlucky enough to have to build the thing (Páraic – “I’m doing a centrifuge! I don’t have time to learn standards based XHTML/CSS!“), now that we’re up and running we’ll try to keep things 50/50 in terms of content.

We’ve got In Cinemas reviews (be aware Páraic is in Dublin and I’m in Toronto so we’re on wildly different release schedules…), On the Shelf reviews of older films, news and links in the Screening Room and lots of rambling features and opinion pieces.  In the coming months we also hope to bring you guest posts from friends and enemies.

Anyone reading this please visit our Facebook page and let on to “like” us and get involved in the comments below each article. You don’t need to register or any bollocks like that, just try and form some sort of an opinion and spit it out somehow.

And for the inquisitive species among you, “spooool” comes from Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape. We both agree it is a really fun sounding word. Seriously say it and let the ooooo last for over five seconds. Wasn’t that fun.

Spool! (pause.) Spooool! (happy smile. Pause. He bends over table, starts peering and poking at the boxes.) Box… thrree… three… four… two… (with surprise) nine! good God!

Anyway, subscribe to us, like us, tweet us and if you’re not going to be nice at least try to be creative.


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