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Relishing The Room at Dublin’s Sugar Club

| o | - You're tearing me apart Lisa!

So what am I doing queuing outside Dublin’s Sugar Club at 11:30 on a cold Saturday night? Why to see The Room of course, the 2003 cult-classic that is considered one of the worst films ever made.

It stars Tommy Wiseau who also happens to be the writer, director and producer. He probably built the sets and made the tea while he was at it. Wiseau plays Johnny, who is madly in love with Lisa but little does he know Lisa is having a bit of hows-your-father with Mark, Johnny’s best friend. Gasp.

The Sugar Club stages this masterpiece in terrible movie-making, once a month at a midnight screening. Our host informs us of all the various chants before proceedings get under way. You must scream “Hey Denny” anytime he appears, the film is supposed to be shot in San Francisco but randomly has shots of the LA skyline which results in a chant of “meanwhile back in LA” and never has it been totally socially acceptable to scream SLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTT any time Lisa appears on screen.

The night I was there a group of guys stood to salute Johnny during the many soft core porn scenes and a few in attendance were wearing full tuxes for the insane scene where, for no reason, all the male cast are wearing them before proceeding to throw the old pig skin around.

| o | - Why they hell are we wearing tuxes?

It would be wise to have viewed the film before going along as it is quite hard at times to actually hear what’s going on due to the various screams, abuse and chants shouted at the screen but this only adds to the atmosphere.

I must say proper cinema etiquette is maintained for the two stand out moments which we will refer to as i) the florist scene and ii) Johnny’s attempt to get an Oscar with “You’re tearing me apart Lisa”.

Oh the spoons, how could I forget the spoons, for no reason during the film there are many framed photos of spoons and The Sugar Club kindly supplies you with plastic ones to hurl at the screen. But be careful not to be an eager teen and blow your spoons all at once as this will result in a spoon reccie to the front of the screen.

I have never experienced anything as insane and damn good fun in all my 22 years of going to the cinema, a fantastic night and a must for all fans of “bad” movies.

Book your tickets now for the next screening.

| o | - Oh, Hey Denny.