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Winners of inaugural Spooool awards announced

| o | - Winners of the Spooools have been contacted by fax

| o | - Winners of the Spooools have been contacted by fax

So as we promised in our Oscar predictions post, we are delighted to announce this year’s lucky recipients of Spooool awards.

We published the nominations at the start of the month and after mulling it over and bringing in the lads from Pricewaterhouse Coopers to officiate we now have the winners.

Best Facial Hair

#2 – Antonio Banderas [Haywire] – Come on look at it for God’s sake ! The thickness, the variation in colour and the shear ease at which he seems to have grown it. Bravo Mr. Banderas, bravo.
– Páraic

Best Performance by an Animal in a Supporting Role

#2 – The velociraptors [Tree of Life] – Not since Jurassic Park has there been such a great use of dinosaurs. Well that probably isn’t true but I’m saying it anyway. The scenes in question with the dinos are akin to Stanely Kubrick’s ape scenes from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
– Páraic

Achievements in Gratuitous Violence

#2 – That scene in the kitchen with the hammer [Kill List]The librarian gets whats coming to him in one of the year’s most challenging scenes. Must. Look. Away. UGH.
– Nigel

Chastain award for Screen Omnipresence

#5 – Jessica Chastain [Take Shelter]Between us we saw six of Jessica’s seven 2011 films (did anyone manage to see Texas Killing Fields), and truth be told she could take home her prize for any of her roles. Oh wait, she’s going to take home the prize anyway, isn’t she? Oh. Well in my opinion she is never better than as the brave, supportive Samantha in Take Shelter. [review here].

Most Disappointing Film aka the “We had such high hopes” award

#5 – Young AdultI still haven’t forgiven Jason Reitman for this. Each of the elements at play here (Reitman, Theron, Cody) suggested this should have been incredibly worthwhile. But what we got was an infuriating mess of a movie.
– Nigel

Contribution to making sure 3-D ain’t all bad

#3 – Martin Scorcese [Hugo] – “American’s finest living film-maker decides to make children’s film. In 3-D.”. This really could have been a recipe for disaster. Instead Marty’s ode to one of one of cinema’s founding fathers Georges Méliès was a joy. A subtle, restrained use of 3-D created one of his most engaging cinema worlds of the career. [read original review here]
– Nigel

Best R-rated/18s film

#5 – We Need to talk About Kevin – So the Oscars hates 18 films. Mainly it would seem because, as comedian Doug Stanhope said, “old fucks vote”. The old fucks in question here are the members of the academy who are pushing on in years meaning they shy away from any films containing nudity or violence. Now we can’t question our love for Drive here at Spooool (it did win our film of the year after all) but in true Oscar fashion I’m gonna throw the rule book out the window and award it to We Need to talk about Kevin. No more questions. [read original review here]
– Páraic

Contributions to “Scenes of a sexual nature”

#3 – Kirsten Dunst [Melancholia] – Her performance is amazing in this film and I felt so sorry that it got blown out of the water by Lars “sure Hitler was grand” von Trier. His “only joking” comments at Cannes ruined any chance Dunst had of recognition for the role. It must always be tough and a serious dilemma to bare all for the camera and one that is not taken lightly. But it surely helps when you have amazing breasts, ahem, kudos.
– Páraic

Spooool’s inaugural “Man of the Year”
aka “The Fassbender/Gosling face-off!”

Michael Fassbender – This really has been Fassbender’s year, from X-Men‘s Magneto to Carl Jung, he’s shown he’s able to handle any role and give his unique flair to the performance. His stand-out has to be Shame playing the sex addict trying desperately to hide his ailment from those who love him. This is really just the beginning of his Hollywood career so hopefully they’ll wake up soon and acknowledge the amazing talent he is with some real awards. It’s our great pleasure to award him our inaugural Man of the Year award.
– Páraic