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Halloweeen means Horrorthon!

Running from the 25th to the 29th of October the Horrorthon is presenting 32 films to wet your appetite for blood. Ticket info and the full list of films can be found here, and we’ve selected five that warrant your attention and previewed them below


David Cronenberg’s son Brandon is following in his father’s footsteps with his own tale of macabre. It concerns a clinic selling injections of illness taken from celebrities. These are then sold on to devoted fans.

Why? It’s Cronenberg’s son, enough said.



I’d say I’m the only person who watched “Greek” on Network 2 – or at least the only person who’ll admit it, but anyway. Detention stars Greek alumni Jacob Zacher and is being billed as The Breakfast Club meets Shaun of the Dead.

Why? Important not to take things too serious when it comes to horror and will have enough in jokes to keep fans happy.



Receiving a lot of positive reviews since its SXSW premiere, Citadel is Irish director Ciarán Foy’s feature debut and tells the story of an agoraphobic man who must try and keep and his daughter alive against the neighbourhood children. The director will also introduce the film and do a Q&A.

Why? Support Irish cinema and it stars James Cosmo, Brendan Gleeson’s Dad in Braveheart.



Nigel caught this in Canada a few months ago and maintains it’s worth a viewing. A gang of criminals is hired to retrieve a tape from a house, but when they come across more than they were looking for shit starts to get weird.

Why? It’s about VHS that shitty format that revolutionised home cinema – hope the tracking is sorted.



And you thought Braindead was gory. Viewer discretion is needed here as this German gorefest is not for those of a queasy disposition.

Why? Watch the trailer, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So there is plenty to give you sleepless nights and prime you for the release of the extended US version of The Shining, the greatest horror film ever made???