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JDIFF 2013 reviews part 5: Motorway (Che sau)

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Motorway (Che sau)

Motorway (Che sau)


Directed by: Pou-Soi Cheang // Starring: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Shawn Yue, Xiaodong Guo // Hong Kong
IMDB // trailer //  Screened at JDIFF on February 16th 2013

The premise of a young rookie being paired up with a retiring, safety-first officer in Hong Kong’s “Invisible Squad,” a unit who specialise in catching speeding drivers by zipping around in unmarked cars, is a promising one but unfortunately the final film fails to ever get out of third gear. There’s the expected driving pun out of the way, please proceed.

The second-act set-piece and final chase scene are well-choreographed and exciting but the plot and place-setting around them lack any spark and would have you reaching for the remote-control to hit “character development fast-forward” if you were watching the film at home.

Special mention to director Pou-Soi Cheang and producer Johnnie To for designing the very cool stunt of having a car spin and skid around a tight 90° corner at about 5kmp/h, sounds lame but when you witness it you’re wondering why you didn’t see it in The Fast and The Furious 1-5.


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