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Galway Film Fleadh Roundup Part 2: 10 things we learned about Saoirse Ronan & Zachary Quinto

Galway Film Fleadh 2013


The 2013 Fleadh featured lots of special guests including directors and members of the cast and crew for almost all of the films on show. However the big heavy-hitting attendees were Fionnula Flanagan, Will Forte, Zachary Quinto and Saoirse Ronan.

We were lucky enough to attend separate Q&A sessions with Quinto and Ronan and actually learned a few things from them, which was nice. We figured we would put together a few facts in the style of our regular “Five Things We Learned This Week“!

First up Páraic’s take on An Afternoon With Saoirse Ronan which saw RTE Radio One’s Sean Rocks presenting a one hour sit-down interview with Saoirse Ronan. The interview will be edited and broadcast on the station’s arts program “Arena”.

Saoirse Ronan arriving for the closing ceremony at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh (yep that's Zachary Quinto skulking around in the background).

Saoirse Ronan arriving for the closing ceremony at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh (yep that’s Zachary Quinto skulking around in the background).

1) Saoirse starred opposite the late great James Gandolfini in a film called Violet and Daisy back in 2011, but it hasn’t got a release date yet. Due to James’ untimely passing the film may now find the light of day. The film concerns two teenage assassins, one played by Ronan the other by Alexis Bledel (yes, that’s right, Rory Gilmore!). I for one can’t wait to see it. Check it out on IMDB here.

2) She made her Dad turn around while she had her onscreen kiss during the filming of The Host. Ronan speaks incredibly highly of her parents and realises the job they have done in keeping her grounded and protected from the undesirables of the industry. Maybe the Ronans could adopt Lindsay Lohan for a bit?

3) She will appear in Wes Anderson’s next movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. IMDB says:

A famous hotel’s legendary concierge strikes up a friendship with a young employee who becomes his trusted protégé.

Hopefully Saoirse is said protégé. No release dates as yet, just next year sometime. Hurry up already.

4) She is to play Daisy in a film version of Meg Rosoff’s 2004 novel How I Live Now. The story centres on the life of Daisy and how she must cope living on a remote farm in the English countryside during the outbreak of WW III. Modern take on Goodnight Mister Tom anyone? We can expect to see it this October.

5) How to Catch a Monster is going to be Ryan Gosling’s first directorial debut and going to star, yes you guessed it Saoirse Ronan. It won’t be their first meeting as the two first encountered one another on the set of The Lovely Bones before Gosling left to be replaced by Mark Wahlberg. The film has been written by Gosling and will also star his current belle Eva Mendes alongside Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith. Find out more here.

P.S. Kudos to Sean Rocks for providing a “how to interview a movie star” master class, we spoooolers were very impressed.

(Páraic McGeough) 

Zachary Quinto posing with an unknown fan at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh.

Zachary Quinto posing with an unknown fan at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh.

1. Quinto’s Q&A followed a screening of the 2011 picture Margin Call, which he starred in and produced through the company that he founded with two friends, Before The Door Pictures. The film cost only $3.5million and returned almost $20million in box office receipts. Quinto talked about the reservations people had when he told him he was making a film about the financial crash as Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps was also in the works at the time. He took great pleasure in talking about the fact it cost 20 times more ($70million) and when promotional and marketing budgets were taken into account didn’t really turn much of a profit.

2. Our ★★★★ review of Margin Call from back in January 2012 talked about the incredible performance from Jeremy Irons:

Jeremy Irons chews the scenery so much that he at one point practically coughs up a boardroom table…

But who knew that Irons almost didn’t make it due to a hold-up with a VISA? He was one of the last to sign up for the project so had to get into the US at quite short notice. Quinto got on the phone to Hillary Clinton’s office to speed up the process and lo and behold Irons got through airport security (“whaddya mean you’re the guy from Die Hard with a Vengeance?!”) and brought the ridiculous John Tuld to life.

3. Margin Call director J.C. Chandor and Before the Door Productions are teaming up again for All is Lost, a film that debuted at Cannes and ended up as the surprise film at the Fleadh, playing during the week before we made it over unfortunately. The film stars Robert Redford as the sole cast member playing a fisherman stranded at sea in a role where he doesn’t have a single word of dialogue, a role that he took because he wanted to get back to some old-school, proper acting.

4. A woman in the audience asked Quinto how he keeps his eyebrows so well and he declined to answer. Logically. He did handle all the weird questions like a true pro, clearly he’s learned how to answer the slightly wacky ones after years of doing fan panels for “Heroes” and Star Trek.

5. Lastly… i) Quinto has heard of the Anglo tapes, ii) hasn’t got to listen to them yet, iii) but thinks he might now. His answer came after someone in the audience asked if he was familiar with the recordings which revealed just how cracked bank officials were. Margin Call was one of the first major works to deal with the financial crisis from the point of view of the bankers and in particular those last-minute crisis meetings so it was nice to know that he was familiar with our own little take on crisis talks – “Deutschland Uber Alles” and all.

(Nigel Wheatley)

Zachary Quinto in conversation with Galway Film Fleadh programmer Gar O’Brien.

Zachary Quinto in conversation with Galway Film Fleadh programmer Gar O’Brien.