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Galway Film Fleadh Roundup Part 4: Heathers, The Legend of Kasper Hauser & Best of the Irish Shorts

Galway Film Fleadh 2013


This is a guest post by Conor Bent for Conor is a film nut from Tallaght, you can follow him on twitter @conorbent.

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The Original Mean Girls – ★★★★

This pitch black cult teen comedy is now 25 years old and it’s still a fun ride, edgier than any films aimed at today’s young audiences.

This is largely thanks to the script by Daniel Waters who was in attendance for a Q&A. He explained the film was a reaction against the sentimentality of John Hughes films and with lines like “fuck me gently with a chainsaw!” he mostly succeeded.

Featuring one of Christian Slater’s best Jack Nicholson impersonations, the film is dated but as Waters says it’s not always a bad thing to be so clearly identified with an era. The murmur of delight that came from the audience when Waters discussed the forthcoming stage musical adaptation suggest this films reputation may last another 25 years.

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The Legend of Kaspar Hauser

The Legend of Kaspar Hauser

Disco Western – ★★

Bearing very little relation to the actual story of Kasper Hauser, this adaptation at times feels like an excuse for Vincent Gallo to have a holiday and hang around with two supermodels in the sun.

Gallo plays the two rivals on an unidentified island – a cartoonish Sherrif and a mysterious pusher-man. The Sheriff is fascinated by the arrival of Kasper Hauser and proceeds to mentor him in the ways of being a D.J. while the Duchess of the island plots against. Beautifully shot in black and white and scored by a magnificent Vitalic Soundtrack it is let down by a disjointed threadbare narrative.

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Best of the Short Films

Pat Shortt and Dylan Moran star in Ian Fitzgibbon's 'Breakfast Wine'.

Pat Shortt and Dylan Moran star in Ian Fitzgibbon’s ‘Breakfast Wine’.

The Irish shorts I saw this year predominantly dealt with themes of alcoholism, alienation and suicide but here where a few shining lights…

Breakfast Wine by Ian Fitzgibbon.
Featuring Dylan Moran and David Pearse as the two alcoholic patrons in Pat Shortt’s village pub. This funny short shows what happens when Ruth Bradley’s alcoholic arrives one day.

Wasted by Cathy Brady
A beautifully acted short set in Newry about a woman who is forced to move back home with her mother and the friendship she strikes up with two teenage boys.

Coda by Alan Holly
This haunting animation shows a lost soul stumbling drunkenly through a city.

The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy
Narrated by George Takei, what initially seems like a picture-book story quickly expands to explore greater existential concerns.


I saw Kaspar Hauser. It was much more than a Vincent Gallo holiday. In fact it maybe one of Gallo’s best performances. It maybe the performance of the year. The film was interesting, Gallo was mesmerizing

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