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Páraic’s Best Films of the Year 2014

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paraic mcgeough top 10 2014

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are, so goes the saying. Well showing me your top ten films of 2014 is just as good. People may be surprised by some of my choices but they’re an accurate reflection of what floats my boat when it comes to cinema – romance, humour, the unknown, fear and possibilities.

Of the ten below I saw seven by myself, which always helps as you aren’t distracted by the thoughts or concerns of your companion. Thanks to all our friends for the words of support over the year and as always the biggest thanks goes to the bearded wonder Nigel.

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magic in the moonlight

1) Magic In The Moonlight

Magic in the Moonlight is what Woody Allen does best: romantic comedic whimsy. The stiff British upper lip of Colin Firth is matched perfectly against the perceived sweet optimistic innocence of Emma Stone. I’m calling her for best actress Oscar 2015.

under the skin 1

2) Under the Skin

One of the most visually arresting films of the year. An outstanding score, pitch perfect performances and the unrelenting eye of Jonathan Glazer. (Review)


3) The Battered Bastards of Baseball

Only on Netflix but still a knockout. Chocked full of heart it’s a talking head documentary about the Portland Mavericks. Even if you don’t like or follow baseball it doesn’t matter as you’ll be won over by this tale of David vs. Goliath. (Review)

we are the best

4) We Are The Best!

Sweet, funny and charming, We Are The Best! captures that time in a child’s life when their friends become all consuming. Girls just wanna have fun and these teens make for ideal role models. (Review)

the guest pic 1

5) The Guest

Well aware of its roots and any fan of 80’s horror or thrillers should relish in this feast from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett. (Review)


6) Wolf of Wall Street

Marty is still on top form bucking the trend of directors declining in their later years. Could also be seen in future as the Oscar that got away from DiCaprio. (Review)

obvious child

7) Obvious Child

A realistic romantic comedy that stays true to its message and doesn’t wimp out in the final act. (Review)


8) The Babadook

All horror isn’t just quiet, loud, BOO. It can be subtle and psychological delivering a much more effective scare. The Babadook is top of the class in this regard. (Review)


9) Ida

Each shot is like a photograph in Pawel Pawlikowski’s poignant examination of Poland’s past through the device of a nun taking her final vows. (Review)


10) Maleficent

The role Angelina Jolie was born to play. A retelling of the sleeping beauty tale from Disney has just the right amount of menace and unease as all children’s classics should. (Review)


Listen to Our 25th Podcast and See Our Consensus Top 5See Nigel’s Top 10All Best of 2014


Magic in the Moonlight?? Really???

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