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Best of 2015: Páraic’s Top 10


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10) Wild Tales

wild tales

Six short stories examining everything from revenge to vigilantism and people getting their comeuppance. Darkly funny and violent no story outstays its welcome.


9) Birdman

Cock Fight

Michael Keaton returns to his Beetlejuice glory days in this portrayal of a failed movie actor trying to restart his career in the theatre. Amazing performances from all the ensemble cast and lots of trickery to make the film seem like one continuous take.


8) Ex Machina

ex machina ex-Machina

Is Domhnall Gleeson a robot? This question soon disappears from your mind as you get sucked into this thrilling tale of A.I. from Alex Garland. It has a stellar performance from Oscar Isaac in the first of two films of his that made my top ten.


7) The Martian

the martian

Ridley Scott returns to making great science fiction with a lot of fact thrown in for good measure. The simple story of survival that Matt Damon shows, makes for one of the most engaging films of the year.


6) Macbeth


At last a filmic representation worthy of the Bard’s play. Justin Kurzel has cut away a lot of the fat from the text, making for a much more visual and emotive film. Fassbender and Cotillard are superb as literature’s most famous couple.


5) The Tribe


A two hour film with no dialogue, no subtitles and only 34 shots may sound like a tough ask but instead this violent, depressing, shockingly realistic endeavour from Miroslav Slaboshpitsky is one of the must see films for 2015.


4) Song of The Sea

song of the sea

Beautiful animation from the folks at Cartoon Saloon coupled with a fantastic score and solid storytelling make for the best animated feature for many a year.


3) Enemy


Never mind Sicario, this was Denis Villeneuve’s best film to be released in Ireland this year. It’s a delight to see a film that doesn’t spoon-feed its audience, ultimately leaving you much more satisfied for having invested your time.


2) A Most Violent Year


Thanks to Oscar Isaac’s outstanding performance in this Godfather et al. classic American 1980’s genre piece, A Most Violent Year will go down as one of the classics of its age.


1) Inherent Vice

inherent vice

There is nothing complicated in the plot of Paul Tomas Anderson’s latest gem Inherent Vice. So if this is the main criticism for this witty, engaging and unexpected take on the 1940s crime noir genre then you need to read a few more books and stop watching CSI.

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