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Worst Films of 2016


OK, so you’ve read our Best Film of 2016, and seen what Friends of think…. but what about the worst films of the year? Here’s Páraic’s take…

the neon demon

1) The Neon Demon

I wouldn’t recommend this film to anybody except film fans who like to see how far a film maker buys into their own mythology thereby losing all sense of perspective. There is great truth to the saying beauty is only skin deep and Refn makes us realise, plot, character development and believable dialogue are the soul of a good film. (Full review)



2) Café Society

My love affair with Woody Allen finally came to an end with this bland and predictable paint by numbers gangster flick. There is zero spark between any of the characters especially leads Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart.



3) Eye in the Sky

The British armed forces pretending they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to moral decisions and the protection of life.



4) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

If you tell the same joke to the same audience twice it’s never funny the second time.



5) Independence Day: Resurgence

How much was Charlotte Gainsbourg paid to be in this? A boring, over long and predictable affair with bad CGI.



6) The Shallows

I imagine the person who pitched this was on the beer the night before and hadn’t prepped anything for the studio meeting;

“It’s called The Shallows?”

“Yes, so a girl gets stranded on a rock and must try and battle a great white shark that has a personnel grudge against her”

“Is the girl in a bikini?”




sausage party

7) Sausage Party

A crude and racist stoner comedy that cheapens how far adult animation has come in the last decade. (Full Review)



8) Ben Hur

Re-boots are rarely if ever needed or any good. They are mostly done as the young folk don’t watch old films. And we all know the young folk love epics set in Rome with Jesus walking around in the background. (Full review)


*BONUS* Nigel’s Two One-star Turkey Nominations….

Bad Santa 2

Unfunny. Distasteful. Tired. Crass.


Zoolander 2

Irritating. Confusing. Annoying. Pointless.

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