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Chalk It Up: David Bowie tribute “Labyrinth”

This is a guest post from Zoë Saunders. Previously…

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In honour of the late great Goblin King, this month’s “Chalk It Up” post showcases one of David Bowie’s most iconic film appearances, Labyrinth (1986). Bowie plays Jareth the singing dancing glammed-out Goblin King, who kidnaps Jennifer Connelley’s baby brother (for unclear reasons) and challenges her to solve his labyrinth within 13 hours to rescue the crying infant.

Bowie brought a very special touch to the film, a charming, mischievous, and slightly malicious presence that seemed oddly at home in Jim Henson’s world. I can’t help but dance along to the theme song during the credits, and when I watched this film with kids who I babysat, I would make them get up and do the same.

labyrinth david bowie chalk drawing