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“I Streamed a Stream” – Leaving Cert/CAO Options on Netflix Ireland

“I Streamed a Stream” is a monthly column exploring the world of Netflix from our good friend Mick McGovern (@amawaster, Read his previous recommendations here!

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In honour of the Leaving Results coming out this past week, I’ve compiled a list of films dealing with people trying to plot the next step in their lives and offer some possibilities for people entering the adult world.

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1. You could head off to college…..

american graffiti

American Graffiti – (dir. George Lucas)


George Lucas’s second film as writer-director tells the story of four friends, two of which are heading to college, over the course of their last night together before they go their separate ways. The film was a huge box office smash and gave Lucas enough money and clout to go off and do his little space movie.

It brilliantly captures feelings of confusion, sadness, excitement and joy that goes along with growing up and moving on with your life. The soundtrack is amazing too with plenty of classics from the 50’s and 60’s and you also get to see early roles for Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard and a certain Harrison Ford.

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2. Get a job…


Clerks – (Kevin Smith)


Most people know the story behind Clerks by now. Kevin Smith, inspired by Linklater’s Slackers and a brief stint in film school, self-finances his debut movie by maxing out some credit cards he managed to scramble together. The film then becomes a bit of a Sundance hit and a career in cinema is born.

The plot centres around Dante, a young cynical and frustrated retail clerk who has to go into work in a convenience store on his day off, and his co-worker Randal and how they navigate their way through the boredom and stress of their day jobs. Clerks is packed full of great dialogue, Star Wars references and also introduces to the world of Jay and Silent Bob for the first time and is a must see for anyone with aspirations to get into film-making in particular.

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3. Chase The Dream…


Frances Ha – (Noah Baumbach)


Greta Gerwig plays Frances who has big ambitions to become a full time dancer in a company but has to deal with not having much money, a place of her own and relationships and friendships shifting and changing all the time.

Baumbach films the whole thing in black and white and goes out of his way to make everything look like a debut feature – perhaps to reflect the main characters struggles with naiveté and getting to grips with life. Some of the characters may be too self-absorbed for some, but overall it’s a very good meditation on what it’s like being in your twenties trying to figure your life out.

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4. Or you could just stay at home and live with your parents…


Jeff, Who Lives At Home – (Jay and Mark Duplass)


Jason Segal plays Jeff, a stoner who lives at home (perfect title eh?) who loves the movie Signs way too much. When he subsequently receives a call from a wrong number he obviously thinks it must be for a reason (or a sign if you will!), so when he has to go buy some glue, an almost mystical quest begins.

Jeff also has to help his brother out, played by perfectly by Ed Helms, with his marriage problems. It could have gone very wrong in lesser hands, but thankfully we get a clever, funny feel-good, albeit slight indie.