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Watch With Spooool #3 – “If…” and “Dangerous Minds”


You know it’s time to re-watch a film when you think it’s called “Gangsters Paradise” instead of Dangerous Minds

So join us once again for Watch With Spooool (#3) as we have a look at two iconic films about school life as back to school depression kicks in for students and teachers alike. The schools couldn’t be further apart. In If…. we have Malcolm McDowell in his film debut attending the definition of a stuffy English private school and railing against the established norms. With Dangerous Minds we see Michell Pfeiffer as an ex-marine turned teacher, trying to get her dirt poor students from the wrong side of the tracks to stay in school and not kill each other.

Malcolm McDowell in "If..."

Malcolm McDowell in “If…”

So will you agree with Lord Brabourne who read an early draft of If…. and called it “the most evil and perverted script I’ve ever read… it must never see the light of day”? On re-watching Dangerous Minds will it have aged like a fine wine or turned to vinegar?

We will be discussing both film in our next podcast at the end of August so you’ve plenty of time to watch them again – or for the first time – let us know your thoughts @spoooolerson facebook or to!

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