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Watch With Spooool #4 – “Hoop Dreams” & “The Thin Blue Line”

So we actually seem to be keeping this regular, good for us!

This month for our Watch with Spooool we’re going to take a look at two very highly regarded documentaries. With Sight and Sound, the film Bible (sorry Empire), publishing it’s 50 Best Documentaries of all time, and the IFI having it’s Stranger than Fiction season, we thought there was no time like the present to watch some documentaries.

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hoop dreams

First up is Hoop Dreams which came 17th in the Sight and Sound poll. It was directed by Steve James and follows four years in the lives of two black teenage boys from the Chicago housing projects, both of whom dream of becoming basketball players.

It’s also one of Roger Ebert’s favourite documentaries, which is relevant as the film’s director made a doc on Ebert which is playing at Stranger Than Fiction – Life Itself.

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thin blue line

Second is The Thin Blue Line – no not the Rowan Atkinson “comedy” TV series about police in England – but a 1989 documentary concerning the shooting of a Texas police officer and the wrongful conviction of Randall Adams. It’s directed by the legendary Errol Morris, and comes  5th in the Sight and Sound poll – here is what they had to say about the film and director:

Most perversely, he creates a confounding palimpsest of deadpan re-enactments that flirt with the absurd (and find their echo in the iterative Philip Glass score). Intense close-ups – of sirens, of hurled milkshakes – evoke mystery, or myopia, in the search for meaning.

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