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Watch With Spooool #5 – “The Killing” & “Paths of Glory”

For this month’s Watch With Spooool we decided to take both our films from the master himself, Stanley Kubrick. This ties in with the season of his works showing at the Light House Cinema in Dublin giving us the rare opportunity of catching them on the big screen. While they’re showing a whole raft of his work, we’ve decided to pick two of perhaps his lesser seen films in keeping with the theme of this feature.



the killing

First up is The Killing from 1956. This was Kubrick’s third feature film and deals with a race track robbery.

Johnny, played by Sterling Hayden (who we would also see in Dr. Strangelove), has just gotten out of prison and set the robbery in motion only for a dame to come along and possibly ruin the whole operation.

It is seen by many as a classic of the film noir genre and influenced many directors – including Quentin Tarantino in his 1992 work Reservoir Dogs.

See The Killing on IMDB

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paths of glory

Second for this month and just one year after The Killing is Paths of Glory starring old chin face himself Kirk Douglas.

Douglas (who turns 98 this December), plays Colonel Dax and must defend his unit from cowardice charges in a court martial hearing for refusing to carry out an attack that would most certainly result in their deaths. It was the first time Kubrick and Kirk worked together, but not the last as he would direct Douglas in his next feature Spartacus.

See Paths of Glory on IMDB

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As always get in touch via Facebook and Twitter if you’ve seen the films and let us know your thoughts. Here’s a link to the season at the Light House Cinema which has all the listings. Happy watching!