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Watch With Spooool #10 – Female Director Favourites (Ratcatcher [1999], 35 Shots of Rum [2008])

In the “Watch With Spooool” series we watch films that we really should have seen before and then talk about them in our monthly podcast and a series of feature articles. Follow the series here.

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For this month’s Watch With Spooool Páraic has the remote control and it’s the turn of female directors.



Ratcatcher is the first feature film from Scottish director Lynne Ramsey who would go on to direct We Need To Talk About Kevin and not direct Jane Got A Gun. Set in Glasgow in 1973 Ratcatcher follows the life of James and all the tribulations that go along with coming from a poor working class background. I won’t say anymore for people who want to go in totally blind but I get the feeling if you liked Kes and The Selfish Giant this should be right up your alley.

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35 shots of rum

35 Shots of Rum is by French director Claire Denis who has been delighting and infuriating critics for many years. Dating from 2008 the film is seen as one of her best and tells the story of a relationship between a father and his daughter. It was one of Sight and Sound’s films of the decade, so it must be good, right?

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