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Watch With Spooool #11 – End of Summer, Back to School [Revenge of the Nerds (1984), Wet Hot American Summer (2001)]

As part of a few changes in the way we do things around here, we’re going to split up our monthly podcast in two. The regular end of month podcast we’ve been sharing for the last two and half years will still deal with current cinema releases, but we’re going to move the Watch With Spooool bit (aka the classics section) to a new middle of the month podcast slot, starting with this pair. Follow the series here.

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revenge OF THE NERDS, wet hot american summer

It’s nearly September! Which means it’s the end of the summer and time to go back to school. Or college. Or playschool. Whatever floats your boat.

To mark this fact we’re going to first look at Wet Hot American Summer, which was recently brought back to a new series on Netflix – “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp”. The film was made in 2000 and flopped, grossing under $300,000 on its release. Since then it has been a prime example of an influential cult classic, with a really hefty chunk of the cast going on to big stardom (David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Ian Black, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler). The film is a look at the last day of a typical 1980s American summer camp as all the camp supervisors look to get some action.

Second on the slate is Revenge of the Nerds, a film from 1984 (the year yours truly was born), which has little to no reputation in this country but holds cult status in the US. It turned 30 last year and is a college comedy which sees a groups of nerds (a bad trait in the 80’s) kicked out of their fraternity house by some jocks. Cue nerd v jock battle.

As usual we want to hear your thoughts on the films in the comments below, on twitter @spoooolers or by emailing We’ll have written features on both films and the special podcast on the back to school favourites in a few weeks from now.

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