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Watch With Spooool #12 – Remembering Wes Craven // The Last House on the Left (1972) & The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

As this month’s Watch With Spooool will be dropping mid October, we’ve decided to go with a horror theme. Fans of the genre will no doubt be aware of the passing of Wes Craven last month, so in memory of the man we’re doing a double Wes header.

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1) The Last House on the Left

the last house on the left

Coming out in 1972 the film was only being passed for release fully uncut back in 2008 in the UK. It was one of videos that helped coin the term “video nasty”. It was Wes’s first film and one where he firmly set out his stall as a serious director of horror.

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2) The Hills Have Eyes

the hills have eyes

Coming five years after The Last House on The Left, Wes continues his theme of people under attack. Here it’s a family on the way back to California who succumb to a family of savages not unlike the one seen in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre which was an inspiration to Craven.

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