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What’s Worth Watching – August 2014 (w/ Full Irish Cinema Listings)



Why? As noted above, Luc Besson’s latest has gotten terrifically mixed reviews and currently holds a middling 58% on Rotten Tomatoes. As Páraic noted in the latest podcast, this feels like a reboot of the Bradley Cooper “soup up your brain” film Limitless, but if it’s half as daft as that trailer suggests then I’m sold. Plus I like movies that pretend to be a bit clever but are really just proud to be a bit dumb.

(Aug 22nd)


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Nigel loves stupid films almost as much as he likes clever films. He'll watch anything but is usually drawn to documentaries, North American independent films, Irish cinema and gung-ho, balls-to-the-walls Hollywood blockbusters. Here's what he's been watching.