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What’s Worth Watching – September 2014 (w/ Full Irish Cinema Listings)

Wish I Was Here

Why? It’s been a full decade since Garden State when it seemed like “the dude from Scrubs” was set for big things. Instead Zach Braff seems to have done a whole lot of procrastinating in the last decade, with the biggest bit of attention coming his way in early 2013 when he announced his kickstarter to fund his next directorial effort Wish I Was Here. Despite some criticism at a big name resorting to crowdsourcing, people eventually warmed to the idea and when the first trailer played, it confirmed that this was, in many ways, Braff’s self-proclaimed “spiritual follow-up to Garden State.

If the film isn’t for you, then at least check out the soundtrack which features contributions from the likes of Coldplay, Bon Iver, The Shins and Badly Drawn Boy. It got taken apart in a hilarious but thought-provoking (!) 2.0 review on

(Sep 19th)


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