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What’s Worth Watching – February 2015


January was a fantastic month for cinema releases in Ireland and if February can be half as good we’ll be very lucky. It’s often considered a bit of a dumping ground as the Oscar-worthy releases dry up while the studios prep their bigger spring blockbuster efforts. This means that, Jupiter Ascending aside, most of this month’s films are all smaller, independent low-budget efforts.

Don’t forget to roll down to see what my five picks for January are.

6 February 2015

13 February 2015

20 February 2015

26 February 2015

27 February 2015

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These films are all receiving general or limited releases in Ireland this month, no festival or one-off showings are included. Let us know what we’ve missed –

#1 – Jupiter Ascending

February 6th

jupiter ascending

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[youtuber id=”ZoCyL_Pqzu8″]

#2 – Love is Strange

February 13th

love is strange

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[youtuber id=”XdfA5Ff5e78″]

#3 – Coherence

February 13th


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[youtuber id=”sEceDz1Rodc”]

#4 – Blackhat

February 20th


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[youtuber id=”Qn2g9qGbH_k”]

#5 – It Follows

February 27th



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