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What’s Worth Watching – April 2013

What's Worth Watching - April 2013 (featured pick Evil Dead)

Don’t be an April fool, see what’s worth watching in Irish cinemas this month!

April promises some truly stand-out films, along with the usual mix of blackbusters which could go either way (here’s hoping messrs Cruise and Downey don’t both disappoint…). We already covered the  Evil Dead remake and The Place Beyond the Pines (it’s already been previewed and JDIFF-reviewed) in our latest podcast which you can listen to with the soundcloud embed in the right sidebar or by clicking here.

And in the last bit of housekeeping, we’ve just updated our March “What’s Worth Watching” page with links to the 11 films we saw and reviewed, so feel free to check that out now.

Anyway without further ado, a full release calendar for April followed by five interesting picks.

Irish Cinema Release Dates – April 2013

19 April 2013

26 April 2013

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#1 – Spring Breakers

April 5th

Spring Breakers

The film that’s got more than its fair share of column inches over the last few months in the US makes its way across the Atlantic. Spring Breakers sees James Franco playing a drug-dealing rapper with awesome corn rows. He develops a vested interest in four college girls who robbed a fast food restaurant in order to fund a hedonistic spring break. The reason the film has gotten people talking is the four girls who get involved with creepy Franco are all young Hollywood teen stars better known to audiences for their exploits in teen movies and pop music. But let’s put that exploitation talk aside though and enjoy what looks like a riot of a film.


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#2 – Snitch

April 5th – As feared, this film didn’t appear on screens.


Apparently this film is out next week. I haven’t seen anyone talking about it but am moderately excited because… i) it stars The Rock who is already on screens in GI Joe 2 with Fast 6 coming in May and a Wrestlemania headline bout against John Cena to come next weekend, ii) Susan Sarandon co-stars and is also becoming the year’s most ubiquitous star following her triptych of screen omnipresence last month, and lastly iii) The plot summary is daft and implies Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be acting REALLY SERIOUS AND HARD as he plays “a father who infiltrates a drug cartel in order to help his wrongly-accused son avoid a lengthy prison sentence.” #honourable #whatatrooper. iv) the logical blockbuster choices this month are Oblivion and Iron Man III. Screw logic!

(I’ve a sneaking suspicion this film may not show up next week due to the lack of promotion material and a pretty crowded dumb-action-film market right now, with Stolen and GI Joe II clogging up schedules. Happy to have that clarified…)


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#3 – Love Is All You Need

April 19th

Love is all you need

Pierce Brosnan popping up in a clever people’s Scandinavian film? Reports suggest the film is equal parts English and Danish so chances are the former 007 remains an Anglophone throughtout and isn’t pushing for an audition on the next series of Borgen. Anyway the reason this light-hearted romantic yarn looks of interest to your truly is the fact that it is Susanne Bier’s follow-up to In a Better World, which won the foreign language Oscar in 2011. It could go either way based on mixed reviews from festival showings last year.

(bonus movie that also has LOVE in the title – The Look of Love. Steve Coogan in Michael Winterbottom’s wonderful story of the rise and fall of Britain’s richest man Paul Raymond. Nudity and laughs. Played JDIFF 2013. Loved it.)

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#4 – Evil Dead

April 19th

Evil Dead

Páraic and I were lucky enough to see a preview of this a few days ago and it’s probably as good as a remake of such a beloved classic could possibly be. Of course it’s going to lack the heart and humour of Raimi’s original trilogy but what it lacks in laughs it more than makes up for in blood and guts, made all the better considering Uruguayan film-maker Fede Alvarez’s insistence on sticking to traditional horror structures, motifs, look and feel.


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#5 – Bernie

April 26th

Jack Black in Bernie

Finally! After getting great reviews at the 2013 Dublin Film Festival, one of my favourite films from 2012 (even though it premiered at festivals in 2011) is finally arriving on Irish screens. Jack Black is superb in this true story of a small-town Texas mortician, co-star Shirley MacLaine is also a gem. Read my ★★★★ review from May 2012 here.


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