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What’s Worth Watching – May 2013

what's worth watching - May 2013

Yay! May!

So as always we’ve updated our April “What’s Worth Watching” with links to the films we reviewed and we also chatted about a few of them in the latest podcast too.

Anyway here we are with the schedule for the next month (increasingly silly as distributors start releasing films on Wednesdays and Thursday for increased summer blockbuster box-office) followed by five picks for May that are, eh… “worth watching”. Boom.

Irish Cinema Release Dates – May 2013

3 May 2013

10 May 2013

17 May 2013

22 May 2013

23 May 2013

24 May 2013

29 May 2013

31 May 2013


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#1 – Star Trek Into Darkness

May 9th

Star Trek Into Darkness

So you might have heard about this Abrams dude. He made Felicity, Alias and LOST for the tele and all did really well. Then he started making films like that wacky Cloverfield and recently the quirky Super 8. Only problem is that he’s now decided he’s master of the sci-fi universe and is going to go from directing two Star Trek reboots to directing a brand new Star Wars film? YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS JEFFREY JACOBS!

Oh wait, maybe you can. Those nine minutes of IMAX footage before The Hobbit were phenomenal. OK fine, I’m back on board.



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#2 – Mud

May 10th


My favourite film of 2011 was Take ShelterThe follow-up premiered at Cannes last year and now, eleven months later (it came out in the US last month), it is finally showing up on Irish screens. McConaughey returns to his roots by removing his shirt a lot and stars opposite a pre-drunken mess Reese Witherspoon in a Huckleberry Finn meets Stand By Me tale. You’ll recognise one of the two young boys as Tye Sheridan (right in the above photo) from Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life.




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#3 – Simon Killer

May 17th

Simon Killer

Not to continue on the theme of waiting, but this made a splash at Sundance 2012, that’s 468 days ago. The film seems kinda twisted and horrible and divided audiences when it opened on limited release in the US last month, but hey sounds like it’s right up Spooool’s street. It comes from the same independent production group behind Martha Marcy May Marlene  with lead actor Brady Corbet also co-writing the screenplay. Simon Killer tells the story of… cue copy and paste… “A recent college graduate who flees to Paris after a break-up, where his involvement with a prostitute begins to reveal a potentially dark recent past.”

Gritty. Certain to be something you either love or hate.



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#4 – Fast & Furious 6

May 23rd

Fast and Furious Six

Fast 5 is one of the best action films of the last few years. I’m aware that’s a ridiculous statement to anyone who didn’t take the time to see the film. Those who avoided it and dismissed it as a tired part of an old worn-out franchise movie missed a brilliantly put-together picture with perfect sets of action beats and a more than serviceable plot. In an era when action films feel the need to get needlessly complicated (let’s go to Chernobyl!), it’s refreshing to see a film that’s happy enough to please its audience by driving cars out of planes.

Oh and it has Vin Diesel AND The Rock. Mega muscles awesome.


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#5 – Populaire

May 31st


The marketing for this French film is going to be intensely annoying with phrases like “incredibly charming!”, “like The Artist AND Mad Men!”, “so cute!”, “period Parisians!”. But cast all that aside for a moment as this really does look brilliantly fun. Bérénice Bejo from the aforementioned silent French film is co-starring but the star of the show is Déborah François as a secretary who enters a high-speed typing contest. Yes, a film about typing.

If you want a laugh, watch both trailers (English and French versions) to see how distributors choose to market foreign-language films – by pretending they’re not foreign-language films!



…and a sneaky bonus #6 spot goes to The Great Gatsby (17th May 2013), a film that we’ve been hearing about for years and should have seen last Christmas, but it was delayed until now. It is the opening film for the 2013 Cannes Film Festival so expect a looooot of talk about it. Baz Luhrmann AND 3D means it’s gonna be a sensory overload so easy on the Skittles and Coke.