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What’s Worth Watching – September 2013

Cate Blanchett in BLUE JASMINE had a fairly quiet August. We still saw quite a few of the month’s releases between us but took our annual break from the site meaning things may have seemed a little quieter. But it’s back to school time now and we’re right back in full swing as we enter September and with it, that awkward post-blockbuster, pre-awards-season period.

If we could be covering the festivals in Telluride, Venice or Toronto with early reviews of all the potential Oscar contenders we would be but this year we’re on Ireland’s sunny(ish) east cost looking forward to a pretty decent month of regular cinema releases. As always we’ve also previewed some films from the month ahead (two of the ones mentioned below actually) in our latest podcast, so get your ears around it here.

Check out the month’s full listings, followed by five picks with trailers, images and posters for them. Let us know in the comments what you’re most looking forward to this month.

Irish Cinema Release Dates – September 2013

4 September 2013

6 September 2013

13 September 2013

20 September 2013

27 September 2013

(all dates subject to change, turn on your tv and check out aertel pg 350 for latest times)

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#1 – Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
September 6th

Ain't Them Bodies Saints

A film that references New Hollywood directors of the 1970s? Sweaty Texas? Beautiful cinematography? Romance? Malick-aspirations? The non-Batman Affleck brother? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Outlaw romance?

Sign. Us. Up.

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#2 – Insidious: Chapter 2
September 13th

Insidious 2

Insidious came out of nowhere and blew our socks off as one of the most original and scary horror films to hit screens in years, ending up in our top 10 films from 2011.

Director James Wan knows he has a lot to live up to and with the tremendous work he did on The Conjuring, you suspect he’s not going to mess up. As we discussed in our latest podcast he’s got Fast & Furious 7 coming up next year so if this is his horror swansong then it better not disappoint. Screams and the shakes please.


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#3 – In a World
September 13th

In a World

This is the first feature film from Lake Bell who takes on writer/director/producer/actor roles here. We’re not sure if she’s as active as control-freak Shane Carruth on Upstream Colour (he also scored and shot his film), but even still it’s always interesting when a first-time film-maker is given the funding to make a film that’s clearly such a personal project. Bell may be recognisable to some people as a TV star from stuff like “Boston Legal” and “Childrens Hospital” but she’s more or less an unknown entity.

Bell describes In a World as… “a comedy about a female voice-over artist and family dysfunction and relationships.” With co-stars like Nick Offerman, Rob Corddry and Demetri Martin it’s going to do well with comedy fans anyway, but reviews suggest there’s plenty of heart and character development here too. Also who isn’t intrigued by these so-called voice-over “artists”?

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#4 – Runner, Runner
September 27th

Runner, runner

While the polished poster (embedded in full at the bottom of this post) looks like a TV show that’s going to be cancelled after two episodes, this is all about the star power of that cast. To get Mr N*Sync and the new Bruce Wayne in the one picture about the murky world of online poker alongside the rather delightful Gemma Arterton (most recently seen sucking necks in Byzantium) suggests that having Leonardo DiCaprio on board as producer is worth a thing or two when it comes to getting a decent cast onboard.

What’s also noteworthy is the presence of director Brad Furman, the man who kickstarted Matthew McConaughey’s career renaissance with 2011’s under-appreciated The Lincoln Lawyer. Unfortunately Runner, Runner is yet to open anywhere so with no early reviews to go on, it’s hard to know if we’re backing a turkey here. But I’m still going to put my neck on the line and cross my fingers that this ends up one of the most fun crime thrillers of the season.

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#5 – Blue Jasmine
September 27th

Blue Jasmine

Woody’s latest film is wooing critics and fans alike after coming out in the US in mid-July. Blue Jasmine is his 43rd film since 1971 and sees him continuing a remarkable run of one film a year, come rain or shine. The New Yorker has called this “the strongest, most resonant movie Woody Allen has made in years.”

After spending a lot of time in Europe over the last few years, it’s great to see a return to his native New York for this story of a multimillionaire couple whose lives fall apart with abundant parallels to A Streetcar Named Desire. The cast that’s been assembled leaves us rather excited with Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Louis C.K., Sally Hawkins, Peter Sarsgaard and Michael Stuhlbarg all onboard. Let’s hope that Woody and Louis eventually get time to do that film they’ve been teasing us with all summer.

This latest work from Woody looks set to challenge Midnight in Paris for his most successful film ever as it opens across Europe and North America. Box office is no indicator of quality, but with Woody films over the last ten years it’s been a good barometer of his best work, with Paris, Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona being the big earners over that time period while films like You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Cassandra’s Dream have deservedly languished with tiny returns.

Bottom line, we can’t wait.

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And this month we also have “one to avoid”. The atrocious Girl Most LikelyIt was previously known as Imogene and received a scathing ★½ review after premièring at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Approach with caution Kristen Wiig fans – this is not Bridesmaids.

Poster Party – September 2013

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