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What’s Worth Watching – October 2013

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What's Worth Watching this October

If you’ve listened to our latest podcast (and if you haven’t then GET ON THAT SHIAAAT) then you’ll have heard us talking about the relief of winter film season. We’ve put up with the weeks where the big blockbusters take up all the screens, leaving the smaller titles with very slim pickings. Our reward is a jam-packed October where each weekend looks like it will bring a range of titles that are sure to keep everyone happy. We’ve come up with 5 picks from the 35 movies that we’ve worked out are due to come to the big screen this month.

As always look back on all our reviews from the last month in September’s listings page and feel free to let us know in the comments what you’re most looking forward to this month, or shout if we’ve missed anything.

Irish Cinema Release Dates – October 2013

4 October 2013

11 October 2013

18 October 2013

25 October 2013

30 October 2013

31 October 2013

(all dates subject to change, turn on your tv and check out aertel pg 350 for latest times)