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What’s Worth Watching – December 2013

#4 – American Hustle

December 20th

American Hustle

me: Hello potential favourite film of the year candidate, how are you?
American Hustle: Oh I’m fine, I’m hoping to arrive a few days before Christmas just to sneak into end of year lists. Feeling decidedly sneaky about that!
me: Oh cool, but are you as good as David O. Russell’s last two films, Silver Linings Playbook or The Fighter?
A.H.: Well, I’ve robbed the best bits of the cast from each film and also nabbed that guy with the bow and arrow from the Avengers, y’know him, he was in The Hurt Locker.
me: Ah Jeremy Renner. Eh wow. That’s a ridiculous cast. You also list Robert De Niro and Louis C.K. in your IMDB cast page. Seriously?! Do you just want to collect your awards now then?
A.H.: Sure, whatever is easiest for you guys. Maybe don’t tell JLAW we’re winning anything, she seems to be getting a lot of attention already. The real heroes here are the hairdressers who went perm-crazy with Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams. Reward them.
me: done

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American Hustle Poster

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