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What’s Worth Watching – December 2013

#5 – 47 Ronin

December 26th

47 Ronin

I’ve been following this film’s production since it was announced back in 2008. Since then we’ve seen lots of talk about delays, language issues, re-shoots and problems with the 3-D. The director was replaced while editing the movie and the budget is believed to have spiralled toward the $225million mark. Take in your marketing and distribution costs and this is going to have to make close to half a billion dollars to be deemed profitable by the powers that be.

But you know what? I don’t care as I adore Keanu Reeves, love the sound of the story of the 47 ronin and consider The Last Samurai proof that Western adaptations of Asian stories don’t always have to be crap. This one may well surprise people like recent troubled productions World War Z and John Carter did. Chances are it’ll still lose a ton of money though, let’s hope Keanu hasn’t invested too much of his Matrix residuals in it…

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47 ronin POSTER

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