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What’s Worth Watching – April 2014


As you may have heard in our latest podcast, March was a pretty solid month across the board. The volume of films coming out was quite low but any month that balances things like Under the Skin and The Grand Budapest Hotel with a big budget treat like Captain America: The Winter Soldier is doing OK in my book.

But anyway the evenings are now getting a little longer but there’s still plenty of reasons to pull you into the cinema with a whopping 28 films (by our count) coming our way this month!

Below are the full movie listings for the month of April and you can then click through the tabs over the next five pages for my picks.

(Note: there’ll be a review of The Double on the site in a day or two, and we’ve already reviewed Calvary. Both well worth watching.

Irish Cinema Release Schedule – April 2014

4 April 2014

10 April 2014

11 April 2014

18 April 2014

23 April 2014

25 April 2014




These films are all receiving general or limited releases in Ireland this month, no festival showings are included.