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Cinema Listings & What’s Worth Watching – June 2014

June 13th


Heard anything about Oculus? No? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. But this may end up being one of the year’s few truly memorable horror films.

First of all, googling Oculus is pretty hard as it’s also the name of a technology company who have developed an immersive virtual reality experience for playing computer games. It looks awesome and is making the news at the wrong time for these film-makers! Here’s Wired’s take on the hardware.

Anyway, back to horror! Oculus is a simple tale of a woman who believes an antique mirror in her home is responsible for a world of pain, misfortune and suffering experienced by her and her family. Gas!

It’s gotten very good reviews and a cursory glance at reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reveals a 70% positive rating. Here’s what Eric Melin of had to say…

Remove the supernatural threat and you have a film that preys on the sometimes scary dynamic of any dysfunctional family. Leave it in and you have a genuinely creepy ghost story that spotlights some nightmarish scenarios without resorting to gore.

I say bring it on.


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