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Cinema Listings & What’s Worth Watching – June 2014

Benny & Jolene
June 13th


You may not know the name but you’ll recognise Craig Roberts, the male star of Benny & Jolene from his work in Submarine. The 23-year-old also had notable cameos in The Double and Bad Neighbours earlier this year.

Benny & Jolene is the debut feature from British director Jamie Adams and tells the story of an indie folk duo who are the verge of success but don’t know how they feel about it. Jolene (relative new-comer Charlotte Ritchie) is pushing them to make the most of the offers on their plate, while Benny (Roberts) doesn’t really have any interest in fame.

The film seems to be promoting itself as a road movie, an improvised comedy drama and a mockumentary. It’s also the film most likely to generate headlines with words like “charming”, “Brit flick”, “quirky” and “delightful” in them.


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