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Five things we learned at the 2014 Galway Film Fleadh


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1) Irish films are getting pretty damn heavy

This year’s Fleadh programme would have been fit for a Leaving Cert English paper comparative study as we saw a series of Irish films dealing with a plethora of heavy themes and subject matter. Take your pick from any of the following….. Depression. Schizophrenia. Alcoholism. Addiction. Prostitution. Suicide. Drug addiction. Emigration. Death.

These were arguably best explored in the two joint winners of the Best Irish Feature, Glassland and Patrick’s Day.

All of this seemed to be weighing particularly heavily on audience moods and was brilliantly summarised by the work of Joe Caslin whose project “Our Nation’s Sons” was adapted and used for the programme cover artwork and a series of murals around the town of Galway. Big kudos to whoever gave that man the gig.


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