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Galway 2014: God Help The Girl & Obvious Child

This is a guest post by Mick McGovern. Follow all our Galway Film Fleadh 2014 coverage here.

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The lead singer of Belle & Sebastian directs his first feature film and it’s a mixed bag.

It’s a musical of sorts, set in Glasgow, where a young girl tries to channel some of her problems into songwriting. Some of the songs and musical sequences are fantastic and some of the more sleepy conversational scenes work but are undermined by a meandering plot and most of the comedic scenes falling a bit flat for my tastes.

There’s some good work from the three leads, Emily Browning, Hannah Murray and Olly Alexander in particular. So overall not a bad film by any stretch, just not a very good one.




As good as an American indie comedy can get in my eyes. Jenny Slate stars as a standup comedian whose whole life is channelled into her standup, much to the annoyance of her boyfriend. He promptly dumps her and she soon finds after that she’s losing her day job and income. As she fumbles around trying to figure out what to do next, she ends up having a one night stand which leads to complications.

There’s some heavy themes going on in the film but all of it is delivered with skill and most importantly great jokes and dialogue.  The characters are well rounded and believable and it’s never cloying and also doesn’t dodge some of the questions it raise. And at 80 odd minutes it is the perfect duration for a comedy.

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