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Creepy caravans… Ben Wheatley’s KILL LIST follow-up SIGHTSEERS

Kill List was one of the surprises of last year. A delightful unbridled throwback to occult horror classics of the 1970s, earning a well-deserved place on our top films of 2011. It got its general release in the UK and Ireland on September 2nd, a few weeks before being one of the highlights of the Toronto Film Festival’s Midnight Madness program where bleary-eyed director Ben Wheatley managed to hold together a Q&A at 2am after just flying in from the UK that day. Fair play.

It finally gets a North American limited release next weekend, where it will face stiff competition at the box-office from Drew Barrymore and some whales in Big Miracle. Check out to feel.

Wheatley, my second-cousin*, is following up Kill List with Sighseers, a “pitch black comedy” about a holidaying couple who get mixed up with a bit of murder. Empire debuted the first still from the film earlier this week and wrote…

Moody and evocative, it gives us our first glimpse of stars/co-writers Alice Lowe and Steve Oram as Tina and Chris, a caravanning couple who get mixed up in murder and mayhem (and more murder) as they embark on their first holiday together. There will be kills, and there may even be a list of some kind, but Wheatley insists that this is lighter fare than his last two outings, Down Terrace and the film that birthed the Kill List Stare.

“It’s not as dark as Kill List,” Wheatley tells Empire, “I’d have to shoot a child in the head live on television to be darker than that, but it has the same humour and the same worldview. But it’s also quite romantic, a bit more of a love story.”

|O| - Check out that sunrise. How cheery!

The film is written by its two lead actors Alice Lowe and Steve Oram and was filmed in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and the Lake District in the autumn of 2011. No talk of a release date yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it followed a similar timetable to last year, ending up in UK and Ireland cinemas in about nine months time and doing the round on the North American festival circuit before that.

In the meantime you can stay up to date with things at the film’s site – and at And while the links are flyin’, be sure to check out which features some top notch bloggery from Wheatley and his wife and producing partner Amy Jump.

* again, he’s not actually my cousin, we just share an unusual surname… I like to think we’re related though