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The Spielberg face

|O| - Henry Thomas mustering up his best "Spielberg Face" in E.T.

This has been knocking around the internet tubes for about six weeks now, but hell we never pretended to be on top of current events.

Did you hear about that Occupy thing with people sleeping in the park for the civil rights or something? Oh right. What about Herman Cain’s being mental and having all the extra-marital sex and all, crazy eh!! Oh you’d heard. I guess telling you about Paul Scholes’ un-retirement isn’t news either then is it? Damn. Kim Kardashian getting divorced? SOPA? PIPA? Pippa’s bum?

Anyway, onward.

Ever had a look of wonder, fear or marvel as you peered off into the distance? Almost like you just did a doodoo in your pants and you don’t care? That would THE SPIELBERG FACE.

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