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Raccoon Nation

TUESDAY FUN FACT - There are 50 times more raccoons in Toronto than in the rural areas surrounding it.

So this documentary is a little out of nowhere but this site was never going to be the place you went to see the Super Bowl half-time trailers…

Considering the Canadian half of the Spooool team is surrounded by raccoooons (Páraic just has to deal with the scangers in Dublin) we can’t not post a link to Odie Henderson’s preview of the PBS feature-length documentary Raccoon Nation, which comes out on DVD and Blu-ray this side of the pond on March 13th. Check out the piece in question from the Chicago Sun-Times here – Raccoon Nation: The hep cats of the ‘hood.

As far as I can work out it’s a slightly edited version of a documentary that aired on Canada’s CBC network last year, but now that it’s on the home of North American public television – PBS – it’s likely to be seen by another few hundred viewers.

Toronto is considered the world’s raccoon capital and it’s hard not to love the little masked bandits. Until they go through your bins or decide to move into your attic that is. Anyway as you decide whether they’re pets or pests check out a few clips from Raccoon Nation. Cheekily skulking on to a screen near you later this month…