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Dramatic news alert – Macaulay Culkin “Possibly Dying, Not Shaving”

| o | - Richie Rich II is the only thing that can save him

“Gaunt” — Entertainment Tonight

“Shockingly Thin” — Fox News

“Worryingly Thin” — Contact Music

“Extremely Skeletal” —Ology

“Slightly Thinner” — Hypervocal

“Extremely Thin, Old” — International Business Times

via [Gawker]

I kinda think he looks like he could play a young Steve Buscemi with those eyes. If the internet is looking for blonde 1990s celebrity to hassle why not move on to James Van Der Beek, Jake Lloyd or Whigfield?

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‘He’s apparently preparing for a role although this wasn’t confirmed by his agent’, Gossip correspondent Gillian revealed today

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