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McDonagh’s Guard follow-up sees Gleeson become a priest and location move from Connemara to Sligo. Great.

| o | - An artist's impression (he mainly draws curtains) of Gleeson in "The Calvary ".

Director John Michael McDonagh is currently in Berlin selling his wares looking for distribution deals for Calvary, his follow-up to last year’s massive hit The Guard – which we will add, didn’t excite us too much here at Spoooool.

But the actual news, and point of this post other than an opportunity to post our funny wee picture at the top there is to share the stellar supporting cast who were announced today. We already knew that Brendan Gleeson was attached to play Father James Lavelle, but now Variety reports that two of Ireland most famous exports, Chris O’Dowd and Aidan Gillen, have been signed up to play supporting roles. Kelly Reilly of Sherlock Holmes and Eden Lake fame will also star.

Calvary has been on the cards for some time. At last year’s Tribeca film festival he had this to say about the film, which is set to start shooting this September in Sligo…

There’s been loads of stuff about paedophile priests, both in America and Ireland, so going back to writing the opposite, is what would be the right time to write about a priest who’s a good man. It’s dramatic, but it’s got a lot of comedy, and it will be about a priest who is tormented by his community. Everyone in the village is sort of against him, so he’s a good man but the characters around him will be darker so instead of him propelling the narrative, it will be him responding to other people.
– via comingsoon

And in other news, yesterday also saw McDonagh and The Guard being awarded with The Guardian’s “First Film Award”. It beat off competition from Armadillo, Animal Kingdom, Attack The Block, Black Pond, The Inbetweeners Movie, Submarine and Tyrannosaur.