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Ooh aah Cantona!

| o | - Switch hits UK cinemas 30th March 2012 and is available on DVD & Blu-ray 3 days later on Monday 2nd April.

Why aren’t more people talking about Eric Cantona’s new film Switch? Just read this amazing plot summary! 

Eric Cantona stars as Detective Forgeat in this explosive action thriller where everyone is a suspect.

July 2010, Montreal, Canada. Sophie Malaterre, 25 years old, fashion designer, is not looking forward to the summer holidays. No projects, no friends, no boyfriend Someone tells her about the website that allows people to switch houses with someone else for a month. Sophie finds, by chance, a duplex in Paris, with view of the Eiffel Tower. Her first day there is idyllic. The next morning, she is woken up by the cops. A decapitated body is in the room next door. She has no way of proving that she isn’t Bénédicte Serteaux, the owner of the duplex. The trap closes in on her She hasn’t only changed apartments: she’s changed bodies and destinies…

It’s up to Detective Forgeat to find Sophie before she, too, turns up dead. But things don’t go to plan and Forgeat finds himself getting in over his head and operating outside of the law in a bid to save Sophie and hunt down the real killer.

Having impressed English-language audiences with Ken Loach’s charming little rom-com (kinda) Looking for Eric, I think a lot of people had hoped that we’d be seeing more of the former Manchester United man on our screens. Let’s hope Switch is the start of his transformation into Liam Neeson as middle-aged action man.

The Guardian has just posted a new clip where they claim King Eric is “channelling Jason Bourne”. You can also check out the trailer below to see how he compares…

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