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So having read my piece about the screening of the new Al Pacino movie Wilde Salome (if not, click here) you’ll be well aware that Volta was the the name of the first cinema in Ireland, opened by none other than James Joyce in 1909. Which brings me to a new website by the same name – – where you can legally stream and download the best of independent Irish and international films.

The site is well stocked for only being up and running a short time and the prices are quite affordable, although I didn’t actually pay for mine having used a free voucher I got at the film festival. Who says advertising doesn’t work.

It’s great to see an Irish website offering smaller Irish films that many people may not have seen as they often don’t tour outside Dublin. Films such as Savage, Brendan Muldowney’s amazing film from two years ago. The site also has some reviews on the films which can assist those in making up their mind, obviously it’s only a matter of time before spooool’s are there too.

So do your bit for Irish cinema and have a gander….