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The worst collection of movie trailers ever forced upon thee?

| o | - "What to Expect When Wou're Expecting" aka "Cameron Diaz pretends to get fat" aka "Expecting crap"

So last night a lovely Sunday evening screening of Friends with Kids was preceded by what I believe may have been the worst quartet of film trailers imaginable. I had to write them down and send them in a text message to myself in order to not block out the pain…

  • Chimp alert
  • Tree baby
  • Expecting crap
  • Bad Steve Carell

To translate this into English…

  • Disney’s Chimpanzee
  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Friends with Kids is the directorial debut from “Mrs Jon Hamm” Jennifer Westfeldt and tells the story of two friends who decide they want a baby but don’t want to have to do the whole relationship thing that has to go along with it. We’ll have a full review up here soon, but in short it’s a “post-Bridesmaids” comedy with ideas far above its station but is enjoyable enough and saved by a very strong cast.

Demographically it was always going to end up with a female-led audience share, but I’m not sure it deserved to be blighted with these four monstrosities.

Chimpanzee looks acceptable and in the ilk of those “let’s give the animals names and create sitcom scenarios!” films that get released on Earth Day. Seeking a Friend… could be fun, but it’s hard to tell and with IKEA Knightley in centre-stage it’s always going to be fighting a losing battle. We’d seen the Timothy Green… trailer before and my original feelings that it would make for a wonderful horror movie if the kid were possessed.

The less said about Expecting… the better. I can see the logic in giving us this trailer. Friends with Kids follows on the “pregnancy is gross but so hilarious” schtick that Knocked Up first gave us five years ago and so it makes sense to shove a movie that is simply about the babies in there. But both these films were rooted in relationship dramas and the kids were really just a plot device. Expecting… looks to be all about the babies and all the shit that brings (pun intended). I hold out hope that this movie doesn’t make full-term and never sees the light of day. But we’re late on in the third trimester (release date is May 10th), so I don’t have much hope.


boo-urns if you’re going to give out about Keira Knightly at least come up with your own insult and don’t just steal Kermode’s !

Hardly stealing dawg, just payin’ tribute yo. Cleared it all up and even told him about it on twitter.!/spooooldotcom/status/179252750608121857

He is yet to respond.

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