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“Kevin!!!!” – New Home Alone on the way this Christmas.

| o | - Bring back Kevin McCallister

We have an unhealthy fascination with Macauley Culkin here at Spooool. So what better way to start your Friday off with than with news that he’s back on track and going to play an abandoned eight-year-old once again!

Wait, what’s that? He’s not on board?

Ah shite.

Well, anyway I guess this is still noteworthy. A series that has steadily declined over the last 21 years will churn yet out another sequel this Christmas. This won’t be rivalling The Hobbit, Kill Bin Laden or The Great Gatsby for your box office bucks though as it will be produced for ABC Family as a made-for-TV movie.

According to Slash Film

Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre‘s script follows an eight-year-old named Finn (Christian Martyn), who’s unhappy with his family’s decision to move from California to Maine. His fears are compounded when he begins to suspect that the new home his haunted, and he devises traps in hopes of capturing the ghost. Instead, the traps catch a trio of burglars (McDowell, Mazar, and Steeples) who target the house one night while Finn and his sister (Jodelle Ferland) are home. Peter Hewitt, whose past credits include Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and Garfield, is directing.

So no Macauley, no Kevin, no Marv or no Buzz. but I guess we need to take solace from the presence of Malcolm McDowell who has a habit of showing up in the most random things these days. Please take a look at his IMDB and tell me that the man who terrorised us in A Clockwork Orange does not need a new agent…