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isense a scam

| o | - The six-screen, 1,011-seat Odeon at the Point Village will open this Tuesday.

Roll up roll up, there’s a new cinema in town and it wants a piece of the pie.

ODEON is to open at the Point Village this coming Tuesday March 27th as Harry Crosbie’s bid to take over the quays continues. The cinema boasts 6 screens and something called “isense” – and no that’s not IMAX unfortunately, something which the capital is still missing. Apparently it means bigger sound, picture blah blah blah. I thought initially it might have been some sort of “people throw shit at you during the film” vibe which could make classics like The Exorcist all the more visceral.

Pricing seems standard with deals of all films €6 before 1pm. But with so many cinemas in the city vying for people’s hard-earned cash you wonder if such a venture will really take off. They charge more for this isense business too and they also have premier seats which usually means they charge you a couple of euro extra for 2 inches more leg room. Clearly one of the features of the cinema will be premiere screenings. Harry no doubt has his eye on O’Connell Street’s Savoy and wants to turn the point into a Leicester Square type venue for the cinema glitterati.

I’ll reserve judgement until it opens and no doubt it’ll be shiny and new but with its location and no sign of loyalty deals I’ll be hard pressed to abandon Cineworld. You can poke around the site here…