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Triplehead 2 Go + Hitchcock = Art installation magic

This time-lapse composite of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1953 master-piece Rear Window is well-worth your time.

The video showed up online over a month ago but has only entered our consciousness in the last day.

The video was done by Jeff Desom and it really is quite a simple idea but is so well executed. What is also interesting to me is the fact that the video is actually only a making-of for a project which originally ran in a gallery environment across three screens. Check out the diagram below and visit Jeff’s project page here for more.

REAR WINDOW loop (2011) - a visual installation by Jeff Desom

Anyone who was in Dublin City University’s school of communications in 2007 may well get a little buzz from seeing the word TRIPLEHEAD-2-GO in there. I was part of a thesis project group who completed a multiple-narrative piece which ran across three screens using that lovely little VGA splitter and the words still send a tingle down my spine.

If you’re so inclined you can even go back in time and check out our somewhat shambolic “making-of” documentary here on DCU professor and mentor Will Tuke’s page which features quite a few DCU video projects produced between 1999 and 2007. Some of them aren’t the worst either!

Making of Torpid

Flat 16:9 version of final project

Good times.