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100 years. Many badges.

This has been all over the internets over the last 48 hours but if you’ve missed it, then here you go.

Paramount Pictures is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the release of this rather nifty commemorative poster. Click the image for the larger version.

100 years of Paramount Pictures

According to the design company who made it (here’s their tumblr), the print is limited to 3500 copies and only going to Paramount employees which is pretty nifty.

Without cheating (and you will find answers online with a little googling), I’m able to work out about 80 of these…

Without sounding like a total tool, seeing the studio’s new 100th anniversary ident before the IMAX screening of Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol was actually a surprisingly cool moment. Check it out below. Got goosebumps? No?