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Welcome to the new, your trusted Irish source for film news, reviews and features!

With both of us now living in Dublin it made sense to make the simple jump to a new Irish-focused domain name – so thanks, twas nice knowing you.

The new site hopes to focus a little more on what we feel Irish film fans really want from a film website – up to date cinema reviews, engaging features and news stories and links that have caught our eye.

We’re not doing this full-time so obviously can never offer a 24/7 Hollywood breaking news service (OMG, New image from Die Hard 8 just went online!!! McClane is wearing a new vest!), but there’s enough sites out there offering that type of soulless content that we’re happy to leave them to it.

The site is now built on a new, more robust WordPress theme which uses responsive design. This means the webpage will adapt to whatever type of device or browser you’re using moving the primary elements of the page around to create an optimum user experience. In simple terms… it’s going to look a hell of a lot better on phones and tablets.

Over the course of the next week we will be following the lead of every single media organisation in the world with a run-down of the best and worst films from 2012. We’re kicking things off this evening with Páraic’s feature – From Best to Worst – a Look Back at Irish Cinema in 2012. Tomorrow I’ll be going through the year’s best documentaries and then on Wednesday we’ll regale you all with our top films from the last twelve months. Thursday will be “friends of Spooool” list time where some of our contributors run through the films that had an impact on them this year, and the week will be topped off with our inaugural podcast where we’ve a bit of back and forth about the year’s top films.

So thanks for visiting, reading, liking and sharing! Don’t forget to subscribe to our new feed at, follow us at @spoooolers (same account, new name) and like us at Let us know what you think in the comments section and bear with us as we add new features in the coming weeks into the new year.