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The 10 best films of the year… 1922?!

nosferatu (1922)

Husband and wife film academics extraordinaires David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson have continued their annual tradition of diving 90 years into the past and sharing their favourite films from that year (1922) rather than the year just gone (2012).

They’re two of the most respected film writers in the world so may as well dispense with convention and do things their way. If you want a nice academic breakdown of the way things were before talkies went and ruined things give the article a read.

It’s no great surprise to see the German Expressionist horror classic Nosferatu in there and it features alongside the seminal documentary Nanook of the North. Both are worth a bit of a scan-through on a dank, rainy day and are embedded below! Rejoice!

Bordwell and Thompson’s previous lists can be found here – for 1917191819191920, and 1921.

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