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One to Watch: NY Times Op-Docs “The Man Who Sells the Moon”

‘The Man Who Sells the Moon’

What a long-winded title for this latest entry in our series of online videos worth a few minutes of your time

The New York Times showcases short documentaries as part of their “Op-Docs” series, they call it…

A forum for short, opinionated documentaries, produced with creative latitude by independent filmmakers and artists.

Their latest entrant is from documentary-maker Simon Ennis and tells the story of Dennis Hope, a Nevada man who has made a living “selling” plots of land on the moon.

The short film The Man Who Sells the Moon is adapted from the feature film Lunarcy! which premieres at SXSW next week. Lunarcy! is about a series of men and women who have devoted their lives to the moon.

Unfortunately the New York Times haven’t enabled embedding so you’ll have to click HERE to view “The Man Who Sells the Moon”.

And their oodles of great shorts, most of them only four or five minutes archived on the Op-Docs page on