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Five things we learned this week – April 5th 2013

Roger Ebert

1) Roger Ebert died at the age of 70

He finally succumbed to the cancer he had been fighting for 11 years. It claimed his voice and part of his jaw back in 2006. Famous for his thumbs up or down review show alongside Gene Siskel, Ebert became a household name across America and one of the most well-regarded critics in the industry. The world of film criticism just became a little less classy.

2) Tom Cruise is Irish

Sure be gob and be gorrah if ye didn’t know that already you must be half mad or blind from drinking all the poiteen down in Bridie’s cattle shed. Cruise dazzled us all with his Oirish accent back in 1992 with Far and Away and was over to attend the premiere of Oblivion picking up a cert of his Irishness from the Tainiste along the way.


3) Tom Hanks acts for the first time.

Tom Hanks on BroadwayOn Broadway that is. Yes Hanks, the big man himself, took to the stage this week to appear in “Lucky Guy”, Nora Ephron’s newest play, that she completed just before her death last June. It tells the story of the New York City journalist Mike McAlary. No doubt Hanks had many sleepless nights before making his debut but felt that he was in safe hands with Ephron’s dialogue, having worked with her on You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle.

4) Terri Hooley writes plays

Well not quite Terri Hooley but Richard Dormer, the man who embodies Terri in the fantastic film Good Vibrations which is still playing in theatres of the movie kind. Dormer has penned “Drum Belly”, a play concerning the violent relationship between Irish and Italian mafiosos. Renowned for writing and staring in “Hurricane”, which talked about Northern Ireland’s snooker master Alex Higgins, “Drum Belly” will certainly be one to catch. Previews start tonight and the play runs until the 11th of May.

5) Only God Forgives