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Five things we learned this week – April 12th 2013

Wesley Snipes

1) Wesley Snipes comes out.

Of jail that is. Yes the Blade Trilogy star finished his sentence for tax evasion but he’ll have stay under house arrest for another few months before getting back on the scene. It would appear that Stallone has been courting him as a possible addition for the latest Expendables movie which should be hitting screens next year. There are even some rumours that Mel Gibson is being lined up to direct!

2) Thou shall not pass… The Burren

What do you mean you never knew there was a connection between The Burren and The Lord of The Rings? No, us neither. The inaugural festival will take place on the 8th of May running through until the 16th and aims to explore the influence of the land on Tolkien’s epic masterpiece. Here’s a quote from the site:

…this connection is somewhat controversial, relatively unproven and remains a source of discussion

i.e. this is a big pile of hoop but sure isn’t The Gathering on and whatnot. Indeed.

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3) 301

Ugh, you guessed it… they’re making a sequel to 300, calling it Rise of an Empire and featuring Eva Green. It’s being told as a parallel story to 300 centering on the Battle of Artemisium, which historically took place at the same time as BORING. No doubt there’ll be lots of scantily clad men dripping in… insert bodily fluid here. Oh ya Micky Fassbender was in the first 300 film in case you forgot, which you did.


4) Dirty Boy

James McAvoy seems to be everywhere this weather – Welcome to the Punch, that vagina film (sorry, Trance) and now we have a new trailer for Filth which will be out in September and is based on Irvine Welsh book of the same name. Enjoy – really not safe for work!



5) Hi Tim