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One to Watch: New Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez’ short film “PANIC ATTACK!”

Panic Attack

The new Evil Dead film comes out in Irish cinemas on Friday and if you had any reservations about it, perhaps our ★★★★ review will put your mind at ease.

A big part of the story of the making of the new film includes Raimi’s recruitment of the 35-year-old unknown Uruguayan Fede Alvarez as director. Though, to be fair, he isn’t a complete unknown having made one of youtube’s most popular short films back in 2009. Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) was in production for two years but only cost $300 and has now generated over seven million views on youtube. If you haven’t seen it, or haven’t watched it in a while, then set aside five minutes and hit play right now! 

Ataque de Pánico!

Giant robots invades Montevideo!
A 5min short movie directed and animated by Fede Alvarez.



Not bad, right? Alzarez shot the film in 2006 and then spent the next two years doing all the 3-d modelling and animation in his spare time. It seems the $300 “budget” went on extras. Amusingly his proficiency with VFX has now been curtailed by his decision to do all prosthetics and  practical effects on the new Evil Dead film.

The story behind the short calls to mind Alive in Joburgthe short film that brought Neill Blomkamp to our attention, eventually resulting in District 9 and the upcoming Elysium.

Alvarez has been doing the junket and media rounds over the last few weeks and has come across as a truly infectious, charismatic character who is clearly a very talented, inventive film-maker. Here’s hoping Hollywood doesn’t break him!




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